RIM new TV advertisements

RIM has been planning and targeting their promotion & advertising campaign through Television advertisement like as we’ve seen a few weeks ago Click Here to watch

Having the Motto “There are people who don’t and people who do” RIM is also promoting BlackBerry through it’s UK Youtube channel, what’s new BlackBerry UK’s Youtube channel, But something is new this time & it is that Research In Motion is targeting particular devices & focusing on the special features of that BlackBerry device

 The Above Video is promoting BBM Music on the BlackBerry Curve 9320 device & as these Smartphones is available in the UK market & instant promotion through ads will definitely help reaching out mass media.

 Another advertisement promotes BlackBerry Bold 9790 & its NFC Payment capabilities.

 The Last but not the least this video will focus on BlackBerry 7 Web Browser & BlackBerry Bold 9900. This video also raises the interest in all the BlackBerry Smartphone users who are hoping for NFC payments to be in use more often, but after the BlackBerry World summit I’m sure looking forward for all the new updates & path breaking technology that RIM will offer & I’m quite happy to see RIM advertising more to target more and more customers.


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