Turn your BlackBerry Video Camera into Flashlight

For me this Flashlight is a life saver & is very helpful especially in very critical of times, like reached late for the movie when it totally dark in & you can hardly step on & reach to your seat without hurting yourself or you are in room & electricity is gone surely at these critical times BlackBerry device can act smartly by turning into a flashlight


Transform your BlackBerry Smartphone into a Flashlight just by following few steps with your BlackBerry physical keyboard.

  • Go to menu

  • Open the video camera application

  • Press the space key to turn on or to turn off the flashlight.

For BlackBerry Smartphone users having touch screen & are using virtual keyboard.Don’t feel dishearten as you can also make your device into flashlight at the tip of your finger

  • Go to menu

  • Open the Video camera application

  • Then pressing the menu key again

  • Selecting the check-box for video light

So by knowing this you can save yourself by some embarrassment as well as humility by not falling on person sitting next to you in the theater  or by not spilling cold drink on your partner in the dark & most importantly by not hurting yourself in the dark . BlackBerry Devices will be smart enough to transform into flashlight to rescue you .


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