How to execute BlackBerry Hard Reset & Soft Reset

Ever faced the problem when your BlackBerry device freezes out & irrespective of no. of buttons you pushed the device will not respond. To make sure & make your BlackBerry device working normally you’ve to reset it (either Hard Reset or Soft Reset) after facing such kind of situations . For instance you’re trying to connect your BlackBerry Smartphones with pc for transferring data but the program keeps on freezing or not respond or even don’t connect you can always perform a reset to make your smartphone working if problem still persist that means you are having a problem with software . It’s always advisable to keep a backup of all your data for time to time because you never no when any software can corrupt which might results in the loss of your valuable data .

Hard Reset:-

To perform a soft reset, complete the following steps.

  1. Remove the battery cover of your BlackBerry Device.
  2. Remove the battery & reinsert it after some time.
  3. Replace the battery cover.

Soft Reset :-

To perform a soft reset, complete the following steps.

  1. Push and hold the Alt key (1)
  2. While holding Alt key simultaneously press & hold Delete Key (2)
  3. While holding both Alt & delete key, press & hold the Right Shift key (3)
  4. Screen will turn off & within sometime your BlackBerry Smartphone will restart
  5. When the screen turns off (leave the pressed keys) indicate that the BlackBerry Smartphone is restarting.

Note: It’s completely normal for BlackBerry Smartphone to take at-least 5-7 minutes before restarting completely & this should not be confused with Factory reset which when done eradicates all the IT policy from BlackBerry devices .


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