eBuddy XMS – Do more than SMS

SMS is one of the interesting way of staying in touch with your loved ones even when everyone is busy but surely can arrange some time for replying & as everyone has a different choices of Mobile Platform like BlackBerry, Android or Apple iOS cross platform messengers can do the work, so developers had introduced many applications like WhatsApp , LiveProfile, KiK etc by which you can keep connected with your families & friends even they are not using different mobile devices running on different OS. So what eBuddy XMS application has that makes it best in the market where many cross platform messengers are doing well.

eBuddy XMS Features:-

  • Free: – All data transfer is through internet connection so you can send unlimited messages.
  • RealTime:- Provides real time access to all the messages while sending or receiving.
  • Confirmation: – Provides the confirmation when your message is delivered as well as read is another plus point of this application.
  • Flexible:- you can transfer images, text, emoticons & more and as it’s a cross platform application you can keep connected with all of your near ones irrespective of the mobile they are using.
  • Hassle Free:- All your Contacts using eBuddy XMS will be added automatically to your XMS list also add your Facebook friends to your lists.
  • Group Chat : – New update allows a Group Chat of upto 30 friends at a time
  • Never miss anything: – Can chat through Desktop application while your phone is on charging or in some other room.

You can’t force everyone to use the same mobile as yours, so these cross platform messenger applications do work & certainly connects you to your loved ones, send unlimited messages, having group chat option where you can chat with your 30 friends at a time & with the option of being connected through Desktop application makes it one of the Best Cross Platform messenger available in the market.

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