Autotext in BlackBerry

Autotext Name has changed to Word Substitution but the function remains the same. Our BlackBerry Smartphones comes with preloaded phrases & yet we can add some more anytime.

This is a powerful tool which helps to type faster & with more accuracy. Apart from helping to type faster it also help us to type accurately by eliminating typing errors for example you type tehy instead of they  auto text will automatically correct such kinds of typing mistakes which are very common .So today I’ll share one of my favorite & popular tricks with all you BlackBerry User Word Submission earlier known as Autotext.

For Example anything you type on your message screen will be replaced by an Autotext entry some keywords are by default & rest you can add anytime you want.

Examples of few ought to know Autotext entries: –

  1. USRID – Types in your Full Name (you’ve entered on your device)
  2. SIG – Types in your Information (you’ve entered on your device)
  3. MYPIN –BlackBerry Smartphone PIN, i.e. “pin:XXXXXXX”
  4. MYNUMBER –BlackBerry Smartphone phone number, i.e.” XXXXXXXXXX”
  5. LD – The long date, i.e. “Mon, May 21, 2012”
  6. LT – Long time, i.e. “3:24:10 PM”

Another advantage is that you can set a smaller keyword for any long phrase you often use for eg. you have set a keyword “ myaddress” & everytime you type this keyword your complete address will be automatically substituted instead of the keyword.

In addition to the above tricks on your BlackBerry Smartphone Device there are many more of such tricks as well as you can create by yourself, Check out the user guide in PDF format ClickHere to Read More


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