BlackBerry Device Testing for Durability at RIM .

I’ve got some really interesting videos on how the BlackBerry Hardware guys test these devices for strength & durability. But after seeing this video rest assured you’ll know number of test these devices passes to get from factory to stores.Ryan the Hardware Engineering technician at RIM gave a sneak peek how exactly the testing is done during the development of BlackBerry Smartphones so that to ensures the high standard maintain by RIM. As BlackBerry Smartphones are lifeline as they help us to keep in touch socially with everyone. Tested the BlackBerry Devices by Dropping them, bending them & even soaking these devices.

Moisture Ingress Test is done by submerging the devices into bucket having water; in this case this test is done using BlackBerry Curve 9630. A small quantity of dye is also added with water to know from where the water can enter into the device.


Drop Testing BlackBerry device as these Smartphones falls hundreds of time during life time & BlackBerry also tests for hardware design to make device stronger & much more durable. In this video we can see BlackBerry Curve Smartphone being dropped


Bending & Flexibility Test of BlackBerry device to check whether the device is able to absorb the shock from solid into plastic body? The bending is just a part to test the shock absorption capacity of BlackBerry Devices as people keep there BlackBerry device in back pocket & sometimes they sit on them just to assure that these devices can handle so much of pressure .


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