Top 5 Applications for Mothers on MOTHER’s Day !!!

Happy Mother’s Day !!! Today’s Mother’s Day (I’m sure you must be having some plans for your mom) just relax & think about all the efforts & hard work she has put & try to recognize all the hard & often under-appreciated work.

After a Survey I found that there are Top 5 Applications on BlackBerry App World that will be perfectly suitable for all the moms out there using BlackBerry Devices.

1. Kobo: Kobo on BlackBerry PlayBook or Smartphone is like carrying thousands of book & reading them according to your appetite without carrying them around.

2. At The Moment: This is a journalist application which enables you to capture moments, tag people & places, date stamp memories, and preserve them on your BlackBerry Devices.

3. Groupon: All the great Deals under one roof of your BlackBerry Devices because all the mothers are always looking for shopping & what’s better than having a great deal with it, can get right prices & obviously compare the products & at last can redeem them right from your BlackBerry devices which will certainly saves both time & paper.

4. WeatherEye:  The Weather Network: is a very essential application by which they can predict the weather  & can help their kids getting ready according to the weather or can plan their day ahead according to the weather.

5. TETRIS: This is the ultimate game, which all moms do like to play. Yes moms can be Gamers too, there are many moms who love games & TETRIS is the evergreen game series & surely will be enough for them to relax & enjoy this game with their kids.


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