Splashtop Inc. offered an application in BlackBerry App World

Splashtop Pro application is the enterprise offering not only appeal to IT Admins, but also the employee’s whose companies are using the BlackBerry PlayBook within the office enterprise. Splashtop Pro will be a perfect application for PlayBook as all the employees within the enterprise can have a secure access & that too remotely to all their applications & all the files on their computers.

In order to use Splashtop Pro, you’ll need to sign up via the Splashtop website & you’ll get a free 30 day trial is obtainable to every customer looking to utilize the services. For Further information Click Here

RIM is totally focused on capturing all the Business endeavor & Splashtop Pro will be the perfect application to support the PlayBook’s success with employees having their PlayBooks & have secure remote access to all files on computers.”

Using Splashtop Pro, an IT administrator can:

  • No infrastructure changes for deploying tablets
  • Lost Device no Problem of Loosing Data .
  • Centrally manage the connectivity of mobile devices & computers
  • Manage user permissions with Group computers for shared access
  • Manage connections based on policies such as connection type and time
  • Monitor connection history with updates & get support on priority
  • Secure access to applications, files and content on corporate computers from a mobile device

IT administrators can sign up for a Splashtop Pro account that supports 5-25 users at free, for the first thirty days Click Here

Download Splashtop Pro for the BlackBerry PlayBook on BlackBerry App World


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