A Patent by RIM for trapezoidal BlackBerry Keyboard

RIM’s Patent for this angular keyboard was approved by U.S patent department but is it an innovation? That you need to patent? But never the less as this patent was filed way back in year 2009 for this trapezoidal Keyboard for BlackBerry devices. RIM thought that these angled keys can work towards the accuracy & speed but as far as I know all The BlackBerry Lovers like us are already have a good typing speed & we are happy too isn’t it? This was indeed an Idea some may appreciate but I don’t but still was an interesting design & I’m hoping for many more interesting as well as funky design.

More over 3 years for consent for this type of thing? That seems like a long time because 3 years in a tech industry is like eternity & more over this Patent was not called innovation now days but could be innovative way back in year 2009. I don’t know why I am getting harsh on this stupid look because I want a full size keyboard not a little one with angled here & there.

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