How to Add Friends and Sending, Receiving messages on BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger application is preloaded on the device, if you don’t have BBM please Download by Click Here

  • Find you unique BBM PIN – go to options > Status > PIN, you can share this PIN with your friends & family so that they can add you in their list.

After Opening BBM for first time, you have to choose your display name & set password after that you’ll be logged on automatically to BlackBerry Messenger & once you’ve added friends & family to your contact list you can send or receive messages.Before you can exchange messages you have to invite him/her to join your contact list & request permission.

For adding your existing contact to your BlackBerry address book-

  1. Click on the menu of BlackBerry Messenger.
  2.  Click “Add a Contact,” which will redirect you to address book.
  3. Select the names in your contact that needs to be added, & send “Request.”

If you want to add friends other than your BlackBerry address book –

  1. Open Contact List screen from your BlackBerry Messenger.
  2. Select “Add a Contact,” which will open address book.
  3. Scroll to the top & select “Use Once.”
  4. Then select “Request by E-mail or PIN.”
  5. Type email id or BBM Pin & press enter.
  6. Add your customize message, & click “OK” twice.

After you invitation has been accepted it will be added to your contact list. Go to Contact list screen to accept or decline the request for IM.

For Sending & Receiving Messages

  • Select “Start Conversation” & type your message. Press the Enter key to send the message.
  • To start a conference, click “Invite” to invite more contacts to join the conversation.
  • To end a conversation, select  click “End Conversation.”

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