BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger is Fast & highly effective method of Communicating with your contacts. So it’s always better to know what exactly BlackBerry Messenger is offering to the world .

·         Communicate in real time

Send & receive messages within seconds, watch your contacts typing, & realize when your messages are delivered & even read.

·         Expand your network

Make BBM friends easily by either scanning barcodes on friends BlackBerry device or exchange BlackBerry PIN to add friends in your contacts. You can even create BBM groups with the option to send message to either a single contact or multiple contacts that too instantaneously.

·         Personalize BBM

Personalize your BBM with a display picture or any avatar, add your own status, you can even modify chat bubble appearance & even boast about what you’re listening on your BlackBerry Smartphone.

·         Share with friends

Twitter 140 characters, SMS 160 characters etc are certainly not enough to express feelings & thoughts so BBM provides you with up to 2000 characters just express yourself without cutting it short you can also exchange pictures, videos, voice notes & files upto 6 MB.

Just Go Out exchange BBM PIN & grow your Network . Happy BBM-ing !!!

Download BlackBerry Messenger : Click Here



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