Surprise – BlackBerry10 is here !!!

RIM Shows BlackBerry10 at BlackBerry World 2012

I was the Few Lucky one who got to see first Glimpse of BlackBerry10, the much awaited BlackBerry 10 is out but only to application developers, may be its because RIM wants to give a head start to all the developers so that when this device is in market there are enough applications that would do justice to all this hype about BlackBerry10 which will be having a screen – 4.2 inch with resolution – 1280×768 pixels & HDMI output, Although RIM was quick to say the hardware wasn’t essentially indicating theFinal products & it’s still in testing phase so you can expect anything but best . I am expecting this device to be out in market around November.

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I think this step will definitely boosts Confidence to BlackBerry Lovers because as we all know the company is not doing very good with Google’s Android & Apple iOS into competition & galloping the entire market share among them. So I see a ray of hope With BlackBerry10 which will certainly help BlackBerry to regain its supremacy.


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