Application of the Day – SPORTS TRACKER

Millions of Sports tracker user around the world are having a blast & staying healthy, capturing & sharing their sports activity with their friends through social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter etc. straight from your mobile .This award winning sports application turns your Smartphones into powerful full featured sports computer.

Sports tracker creates map of your activity along with all the data you need to analyze your performance, speed, distance, step count, elevation, and time & with the polar Bluetooth belt also the heart rate. It’s not all about the performance so Sports Tracker also maps the pictures you took & music you listen during your sports activity. So you can share all the fun you had in training.You can start tracking your sports activity using Sports Tracker mobile application; you can view & analyze your performance or even share your activity with your friends.

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Since there are millions of active users around the world – I have randomly picked “Nicolas Loeillot” he is from Tokyo Japan. He started using this application from 16 Aug 2010 & a total of 122 shared workouts with a total distance of more than 1300 kilometers with shared activities like hiking, walking, running, cycling etc. Sports tracker has made tracking Sports Fun, Easy & Best that too Free of Cost. Just visit signup & download this application as per your compatible Smartphone you are ready for tracking …

Since I find this application intriguing & I’m anticipating this application to come on BlackBerry platform soon enough but for time being it’s available on Android , iOS & also for symbian Smartphones , So What’s there for BlackBerry user since this application is not compatible but for time being BlackBerry has almost the same application “ Endomondo Sports Tracker ” you can test that application also .


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