Top 10 Free Applications for BlackBerry – Part 1

So If you are also a BlackBerry lover you must had searched for any free top rated application for your BlackBerry Device , So I’m listing a few Applications which I find most Interesting & definitely appealing !!!

1. AP Mobile World Edition

The Associated Press,
Just like its brethren on other mobile platforms, this news application provides you complete, flexible way in to local, national, & international news. Apart from providing up-to-the-minute news, the latest version of this application give an option for push alerts, enhanced navigation, & support for multiple languages, as well as superior navigation, & BlackBerry OS improved video experiences. Associated Press application can suit any news addict. Download AP Mobile News from the Associated Press site.


BlackBerry OS 6 comes with an superior browser as compared to other os, but Bolt, one of the top substitute of BlackBerry browser, still beats it very comfortably. These browsers download pages that truly look resembles of normal Web pages, but Bolt is much faster as compared to other Browser. New Version support Facebook videos as well, location-enabled websites, a totally new user interface, & a much better HTML5 compatibility it also allows tabbed browsing, Flash video Web sites, & Web-based chat applications, such as Facebook & Meebo. Having a lower-resolution BlackBerry device such as Curve 8530?

3. Flashlight 2 for 1 Free

Motek Americas Inc.,
there are various free flashlight applications to pick from, but Flashlight 2 for 1 Free is another application which I personally find it good. This Application is actually a combination of 2 applications; First application is the bright back flashlight that uses the camera light, & a front-facing light that merges the LCD display with the front LED. Both are tremendously easy to use, & are equally optimized to save battery power & memory usage while this application is running on battery. Flashlight 2 For 1 Free is also available from BlackBerry App World.

4.Facebook for BlackBerry

Recently Facebook reveals that there are 901 Million registered users, So there is high possibility that you are as addicted as crazy for Facebook like me! Fortunately, there is an application for Facebook BlackBerry devices, with a new look interface that practically mirrors what you’d see on an iPhone or Android device. You can open Facebook Chats, Notifications, with a bar on the top for friend requests, messages, chats, & notifications. You can Download Facebook application on BlackBerry App World free of cost.

5. Google Maps

I Believe that the new Google’s mobile mapping application is certainly better than any other mapping applications. The up to date version adds store hours to search results with the option of filter searches by distance. Just switch to traffic & Google Buzz layers on & feel the difference also the GPS tracks you quickly. At Present this BlackBerry application doesn’t have voice commands for driving directions the way the Android version does, but still it’s far better than BlackBerry Maps. This application is must have.

To Be Continued …..


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